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Training Philosophy:

All beings deserve to be healthy, happy and free. Jenna will listen to your unique story and create an individualized plan for you to become the healthiest version of yourself mentally and physically. Jenna is much more than a personal trainer. She is a listener who wants to support you in accomplishing everything you've ever longed for in this life. Jenna will help you find a unique regimen that you actually enjoy and look forward to. Laughter and play is the best medicine. In addition to personal training, Jenna is a skateboarder, gymnast, nutrition coach and certified yoga instructor. If you want your health and wellness journey to feel like fun again Jenna is the perfect coach for you! 


Jenna Rubin
BS Exercise Science, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, GGS Women's Coach, 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher

 I am an expert in nutrition coaching, behavior change, strength training, weight loss and women's health. I believe every individual has the ability to live a healthy and thriving life. My hope is to be the support and motivation everyone needs to feel consistently cared for while making difficult transitions in their personal health. I try to make fitness, and nutrition as enjoyable as possible for each individual I work with. My goal is to have every client I train feel confident in their knowledge and abilities, so they can have a healthy life long term. I have all clients commit to at least three months of training and coaching. 

Personal Training Outcomes

  • Greater confidence

  • Motivation and Self efficacy

  • Find your place and purpose in health and wellness

  • Increased mental and physical well being

  • A greater understanding of nutrition and fitness as it pertains to your individual lifestyle

  • Discovery of workouts and exercises that provide results for you personally

  • An understanding of how to be healthy in your city, job and individual life

  • A healthy lifestyle you can stay consistent in long term

  • Connection with family, friends and co workers in a healthy way

  • Feeling good and having a blast!

Fit Girl

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7733 Othello Ave. San Diego, CA 92111

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