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Do everything you think of, even if its to find out you hate it!

The difference between saying you want to do something and actually doing it…

How many things in your life have you wanted to achieve which remained thoughts?

For today’s theme I have chosen the idea of doing everything you’ve ever thought about even if it is to find out you hate it. You may have a fear of something you want to do having a negative outcome. The truth is you have absolutely no idea how anything is going to turn out until you do it. These desires haunt us until we make them an actuality. So perhaps, today is the day you choose to stop being haunted…(sorry I love halloween).

How does this relate to fitness?

It's funny, when people realize I work out, or try my best to maintain a healthy diet they are always curious. It seems to be that most people want to work out and eat nutritiously but it's more of a daydream for them than a lifestyle. People fear that they won’t be able to maintain a workout routine, that it will be too hard, that they will be too tired, that they won’t fit in within the fitness environment, that they won’t like it, that they they will get hurt, that people will judge them for being too square, that they won’t have the time, and so on. People have a million reasons to not do the thing that they actually really want to do. For every excuse, there is a solution, so long as you are still living.

How many days are you going to spend making up excuses without finding out how valid they are in reality?

The truth is some of our limiting beliefs may prove to be true. You may go to the gym and hate it. You may be tired. People may judge you. Honestly, who gives a fuck? The benefits of facing these fears and trying things far out number the negatives. You become more resilient, you become confident in making decisions, you get into new environments, you remain open, you act with courage.

The truth is things are different every day. You may find workouts you enjoy if you try different things and don’t give up after one bad experience. You may like something at some point, that you hated at another point. There may be an asshole at the gym one day, and you may meet an angel at the gym the following day. You have no idea what’s going to happen, so you might as well fantasize about a positive outcome rather than a negative one since REALLY we are all just making shit up. I’d go as far as to say that even negative experiences are made up. You do something, you leave and you start telling yourself how horrible it was…what's so bad is the meaning you’ve come up with, while the experience was probably completely survivable. Even humor walks a fine line with tragedy depending on how you look at it.

What do you want to make up about yourself today?

Maybe you want to be a good person, a healthy person, a fearless person, an adventurous person. Maybe you already are all those things but have yet to realize it. For me, everything comes back to dying. Do you want to die wondering what life could be like? Or do you want to die having found out? Do you want to exist in a world of negative or positive perceptions about yourself and the world around you?

Who we wanna be and who we are is a deep reflection…do you want to be the person watching the show? Or the person who gets up and starts dancing?

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