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Do what feels good to you...

Being healthy has nothing to do with fear. In fact, I think it has more to do with accepting challenges, and danger with earth shaking confidence. To be a person who can face the tasks of one's life is to be healthy. Nobody is given an easy deck and if something can go wrong it will. You just need to be healthy enough in mind and body to face the music. There is a lot of scary health information out there. If you breathe the wrong air, eat the wrong food, do the wrong workout it’s instantaneous death. While this could be true, you can’t escape death, but there is a certain amount of fear you can conquer while being alive. You can stay away from things that personally make you feel bad, and focus on what makes you personally feel good. I say “personally” because it's different for everyone. Ask yourself the questions, and take the time necessary to answer them. Does this feel good in my body? Does this feed my soul, or steal from it? I doubt any form of worry feels good to anybody. But fuck, the world is certainly on a mission to scare us with the intensity and popularity of fearful information. The invitation here is to take some time and ask yourself what feels good to you and what doesn’t. There is nobody in the world who knows better for you than you. Before you look up more information, before you ask for more advice, take out a pen and paper and write down your own ideas on a particular topic. Write down how you feel, your opinions. It might be the complete opposite than the majority, or it could be an exact match. The truth of all things resides in you…

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