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The possibilities within trying something new...

Being open to possibility in all situations.

There’s this generalization that a person goes to the gym with certain intentions in mind. Gain muscle, get stronger, lose weight, improve physical and mental health etc. We forget that there's many benefits and possibilities which come from being in new situations (i.e beginning a new exercise routine) which have nothing to do with predicted outcomes.
Maybe a new song plays on the gym radio that you love, maybe you meet someone who provides new opportunities for you, maybe someone smiles at you in a way you needed that day.
In new environments, new things happen. You become new as well. In the process of starting a healthy lifestyle you shed old habits, and start new ones.
I heard this thing the other day about how a person should measure their success based on how many uncomfortable situations they went through instead of the outcome of said situations. I strongly agree.
The point I’m trying to make is that when we have one way of seeing things we become closed off to all of the opportunities, possibilities, and energies that exist beyond our knowledge.

Try this as an experiment...

  • Think about a new movement activity, or a new healthy routine you want to begin.

  • Visualize everything you EXPECT to get out of that activity.

  • Now, go engage in that activity and make note of everything that happens (brief conversations, sensations, music, environment, thoughts etc.) that you DID NOT EXPECT.

  • Contemplate the chain of events that could come from each one of those new encounters. One thing leads to another, but you never get to witness that if you don’t keep yourself open to new experiences.

If you don’t see yourself as a person who belongs in fitness or a healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to still give it a shot and break the ideas you've created in your mind about it with REAL experience.
Most people are born into a particular environment, interacting with particular people, and close their eyes to the rest of what happens in this world. There's millions of sub universes we close our eyes to that are operating simultaneously to our own. We disregard all that's not in our sub universe. Fuck that, become a hopper, become a shape shifter. Experience the grand orchestra of living different lifestyles. It's all alive, it's all real. It’s all available.

As Bob Dylan says “ Don’t criticize what you can’t understand”.

I hope this helps somebody live a better life.


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