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Why you need to be disciplined...

For most people, the reason they aren't reaching their fitness goals is because they lack consistency and discipline. It’s not because they don’t know what to do, or lack confidence, or are too busy. It takes consistency to learn new exercises, and nutritional science. It takes doing something over and over again which you suck at to be confident in your ability. If a person is busy, there is always more time where workouts should be preemptively scheduled, and committed to.
As a personal trainer and wellness coach I feel so passionate and committed to helping my clients become the healthiest version of themselves. I always want to provide the best possible workouts, and give my clients the latest scientific information which pertains to health and fitness. However, none of that is effective for a client who lacks self motivation or discipline. Nobody can live this life for you. Your life is 100% your problem. If you feel triggered by this truth, you are probably someone who needs to hear this most.
With that being said, support can make discipline and motivation much easier. By hiring a personal trainer, a person is essentially paying for support, motivation, inspiration, and education. I love being that cheerleader for people who want it. The goal is to build up so much confidence in a person through believing in them, that they believe in themselves. I have spent over 10 years doing this work on myself. I workout consistently, I eat well consistently, and I have a daily practice that keeps my mental health in check. I believe leading by example is the best form of leadership.
I’d like to share with you 5 of the things which have helped me in developing discipline and consistency. I hope they will help you stay committed to your health and fitness goals this year.

  1. Plan everything, and change it when it's not working. Schedule all your workouts in advance and stick with that schedule until something gets in the way. Eat at the same times every day, and sleep at the same times every day. If this schedule stops working, reschedule and stick to the new schedule. Schedule when you’ll get groceries, plan what you’ll buy ahead of time. Think about all the ways you can fail, and come up with solutions preemptively.

  2. Be adaptable. When things begin to conflict with your wellness routine, immediately figure out a plan to workout and eat healthy around these challenges. New work schedule? Workout at night instead of in the morning. New client at 1pm? Eat more at breakfast and eat a later lunch. Traveling? Look up healthy places to eat in advance, or do body weight workouts which require no equipment. Too busy to cook? Hire a meal prep service, or plan when you will cook. Roommate starts cooking breakfast when you usually do? Cook your breakfast the night before. THERE IS ALWAYS a way to adapt.

  3. Surround yourself with other people who eat healthy and workout, and create boundaries with people who are living in ways that are in opposition to your goals. While the outcome of your life generally depends on the decisions YOU make, it's a hell of a lot easier to make good decisions when you are around other people making good decisions. Here in Costa Rica I’ve been working out every morning. Several people at the hostel started working out too and they told me that seeing me doing it influenced them to do it. What kind of influence are the people in your life having on you? What influence are you having on other people? Now there are going to be plenty of people you love and care about who may not be in alignment with your wellness goals. That’s fine. BUT you need to put yourself and your wellness first, before spending time with these folks.

  4. Cut out unnecessary distractions. Think about all the ways you spend your time and how much of this time is spent on things that benefit your goals, and things that detract from them. Cut the bullshit, and emphasize the beneficial activities. This includes people. If somebody wants your time more than they want what's best for your well being ESPECIALLY when what's best for your well being is not being around them, create boundary immediately.

  5. Remind yourself every single morning of why you want to be healthy, and your exact goals. Wake up and journal about everything you want in life. Meditate on everything you want in life. Read books from people who have done the work, listen to inspiring podcasts. Waking up and reminding yourself of your priorities is a great way for nothing to come up in the day that could take you away from them.

Now, once you have the discipline down, you can start to learn more advanced fitness and nutrition concepts, but until you are fully committed to what you want, nothing is going to change.
I really hope this article helps all of you, and you have a tremendous year full of everything you desire!

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